Starling Forces Across the Capillary
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Starling Forces Across the Capillary
Figure 1.8 • Starling Forces across the Capillary – The Starling forces (hydrostatic and oncotic pressures) allow for bulk flow of fluid and nutrients across the capillary wall. The permeability of the membranes of the capillary wall to proteins is usually very low in most tissues and is reflected by a protein reflection coefficient (σ) of ~1. The inset panel illustrates that as fluid moves though the capillaries and diffusion into tissues occurs, the Starling forces change, and the forces favoring net filtration (especially Pc [HPc, capillary hydrostatic pressure]) decrease (dotted blue line).

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  This Illustration was Published In
Netter's Essential Physiology
Netter's Essential Physiology
Author: Susan E. Mulroney, Adam K. Myers
Chapter: The Cell and Fluid Homeostasis
Page: 9
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