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Carlos A. G. Machado

Self-taught in fine and commercial art and medical illustration, cardiologist Carlos Machado has contributed meticulous updates to many of Dr. Frank Netter’s original Plates and has created many paintings of his own to compliment the Netter style. Since Dr. Netter passed away, Dr. Machado has been the primary artist to carry on the Netter tradition by contributing new Plates to several editions of the most famous Atlas of Human Anatomy and many other Netter publications.
Dr. Machado’s photorealistic painting expertise, his keen insight into the physician/patient relationship, and his teaching experience, inform his vivid and unforgettable visual style and instructive illustrations. His dedication to researching each topic and subject he paints and his determination to present unique and didactic views places him among the premier medical illustrators at work today. A native of Brazil, Carlos received his medical degree at the Faculdade de Medicina de Teresópolis and his postgraduate degree in cardiology from Santa Casa da Misericordia in Rio de Janeiro. Before coming to the United States, Dr. Machado was in private cardiology practice in Rio de Janeiro.

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