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John A. Craig

Dr. Craig's association with Netter dates back to 1972 when he worked as an ophthalmic illustrator at Baylor College of Medicine from 1972-1983, in addition to painting for CIBA and then Novartis. Following in the Netter tradition, Dr. Craig was Senior Artist and Consultant for Clinical Symposia, a contributor to the NovaCON Disease Education Series (CD-ROM) as well as the Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations until 2006. Dr. Craig received his medical degree and a postgraduate degree in ophthalmology from The University of Texas medical Branch, Galveston.

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Flexor and Extensor Zones and Lumbrical Muscles
Absence Seizures
Neurologic Evaluation of the Somatoform Patient: Somatoform Conversion Reactions
Visual Pathways In Parietal and Temporal Lobes
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